Frequently Asked Questions:

PRO TRAIN is always happy to answer your questions.  Here's some common questions we receive from clients.

Q:  How does your training work?
A:  Recurrent training is normally 3 days long.  Our instructor travels to your selected location for the course, bringing along a laptop, projector and all training materials.  The first two days consist primarily of PowerPoint based ground instruction.  The third day consists of pre-flight briefs, the 61.58 flight and a de-brief.

Q:  How much flight time is required?
A:  Normal 61.58 flights last between 1.2-1.5 hours per pilot.  This can vary depending our how busy your airport is, weather, etc.

Q:  What can I expect on the fight?
A:  The 61.58 flight covers the same maneuvers that you've been flying since your 1st type rating.  We will fly area maneuvers (Approach to Stalls, Steep Turns, Unusual Attitudes), 2 Precision Approaches (1 Simulated Engine out), 2 Non-Precision Approaches, and some landings (1 non-standard flap configuration).  The flight training is very straightforward.  Most clients remark after that flight how enjoyable it is to actually fly the maneuvers in the aircraft compared to the simulator.

Q:  Is your training insurance approved?
A:  The major aviation insurance underwriters have reviewed our syllabi for expedited approval of your training.  We can't list on the website their names, but call us with your insurers name to check the status.  PRO TRAIN will work with your insurer to make sure that your training is approved prior to your class date.  To date, PRO TRAIN has not had a client that was unable to get insurance approval for their recurrent training.

Q:  How much will training cost?
A:  Your recurrent training will be 25-50% less than comparable simulator based training.  Not only is our course lower priced, we will save you money on your travel budget when you train at your location.  We can also offer multiple pilot discounts.  Let us prepare a detailed quote for you today!

Q:  Is training in the aircraft safe?
A:  Yes, PRO TRAIN follows a strict safety manual that limits training to only the safest practices.  Our instructors use CRM and Operational Risk Management evaluations prior to every flight.  PRO TRAIN instructors are evaluated and certified annually by the FAA.

Q:  How experienced will my instructor be?
A:  Our instructor has 1000's of hours of Beechjet series experience flying it since 1998.  He flown the aircraft in the Part 91 corporate world, military and as a PRO TRAIN instructor.  He has the right balance of aircraft knowledge and real-world experience for your training.  Trust us, unlike some other training providers, you won't get one of those instructors whose only Beechjet time is on hydraulic legs inside a building!

Q:  We have a Diamond and there's no longer a Diamond simulator available.  Does your training cover the Diamond?
A:  Yes, your course will be tailored to your specific aircraft model.  We have an entire separate course designed specifically for the Diamond.  When you register for training we will ask for your aircraft's serial number.  This helps us to further refine the training you receive. 
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