All PRO TRAIN instructors have years of experience teaching in the Beechjet and other corporate aircraft.  With backgrounds in Part 91, Part 135 and military operations, our instructors instruct in a style that emphasizes safety, professionalism and real world flight operations. PRO TRAIN combines an excellent, operationally oriented ground school, with a fresh and innovative approach to flying the Beechjet series aircraft safely and productively.


Program Manager - Jason Ceminsky

A former Air Force instructor pilot and check airman with 2 Afghanistan combat tours.  Jason has over 2000 hours of experience in the Beechjet with over 1300 hours of dual given in the Beechjet.  He is a FAA designated Beechjet PPE for Part 61.58 checks.  In the military Jason flew the T-37, T-38, T-1, B-2A and C-130H aircraft.  In the corporate world he flies the Beechjet series aircraft and the Falcon 10.  He has experience as a corporate pilot and university aviation instructor.  Jason brings a great balance of operational experience and common sense instruction to pilot training.
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