All PRO TRAIN instructors have years of experience teaching in the Beechjet and other corporate aircraft.  With backgrounds in Part 91, Part 135 and military operations, our instructors instruct in a style that emphasizes safety, professionalism and real world flight operations. PRO TRAIN combines an excellent, operationally oriented ground school, with a fresh and innovative approach to flying the Beechjet series aircraft safely and productively.


Program Manager - Jason Ceminsky

A former Air Force instructor pilot and check airman with 2 Afghanistan combat tours.  Jason has over 3000 hours of experience in the Beechjet with over 2000 hours of dual given in the Beechjet.  He is a FAA designated Beechjet PPE for Part 61.58 checks.  In the military Jason flew the T-37, T-38, T-1, B-2A and C-130H aircraft.  In the corporate world he flies the Beechjet series aircraft and the Falcon 10.  He has experience as a corporate pilot and university aviation instructor.  Jason brings a great balance of operational experience and common sense instruction to pilot training.
Recurrent and Initial Instructors:

Your instructor will be very experienced your Beechjet series aircraft.  All our instructors have over 2000 hours of experience in the Beechjet series of aircraft.  Your instructor will have extensive operational and instructional background.  On our staff, we have the worlds highest time Beechjet G5000 instructor and an instructor that has flown every model of the series from the MU-300 to the 400XPR and EVERY variant in between.  Our instructors have literally flown 100's of the serial numbers in the fleet--there's not many of the aircraft that we haven't touched one way or another!  Compare that to a sim "instructor" that's most likely never been in an actual Beechjet aircraft.
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